Our five operating principles define how we generate positive impact and make good chocolate

1. Relationships Matter

Tending to our relationships produces better chocolate, because we believe you can taste and experience the difference of how the cacao is handled. From investing in our partners in southern Belize who show deep dedication to the well being of our cacao growers, to creating dream jobs for our passionate employees, and providing an intimate relationship with cacao for our customers, we strive for positive and vibrant relationships.

2. Design Inspired By Nature

While cacao only grows within 20 degrees latitude of the equator, the inspiration for our chocolate comes from the North Bay's ecosystems. Local sourcing of our ingredients and design inspires curiosity and learning, and a pathway to stewardship of our backyard habitats. We intend to connect people to the mysteries of nature that help each of us to discover our intrinsic capacities for awe and wonder, making life truly worth living.

3. Data Driven Approach

We use standard engineering methods to develop our product – “fail early, fail often” to make critical learning experiences at minimal cost, changing only one variable at a time to gain nuanced understanding of the chocolate making process, and driving our design through user research that elucidates why our customers buy chocolate and how they enjoy it. We are unafraid to break convention.

4. Transparency

Firefly Chocolate is a product of a renaissance in American craft chocolate making, and transparency in our operations and sourcing is essential to stimulating the innovation that defines our movement and helping customers understand the true price of cacao. By collaborating, not competing, we participate in the growth of an ecosystem of ethical chocolate producers who collectively are redefining the negative social and environmental impact of industrial chocolate today.

5. Care for the Environment

All of our ingredients are certified organic. Our packaging is printed with vegetable inks on 100% post consumer waste paper. Our wax lined interior bag eliminates the waste of metallic foil wrappers, and we aim to replace it with a compostable soy wax bag. We compost our only byproduct, the cacao husk. We monitor the energy used by our 100% electric chocolate machines, and will be powered by Sonoma Clean Power, with a goal of installing our own solar panels as soon as possible. In account of California’s severe drought, our kitchen only requires water for cleaning.

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