• Transparent Trade
  • Bean to Bar
  • Heirloom Cacao from Belize
  • Coconut Blossom Sugar
  • Stone Ground at Low Temperatures
  • Hand Crafted in California
  • Certified Organic
  • Vegan and Paleo
  • Soy Free

Take chocolate with you on your next adventure! 

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I learned how to make chocolate the traditional way in Oaxaca. Carefully roasting cacao beans on the gentle ashes of a fire, patiently hand peeling the cacao beans while telling stories beneath a sacred mountain, and grinding the beans with ancient stones, showed me a fascinating process I had never given thought to before. 

Fast forward five years and many batches of chocolate later! Firefly Chocolate is the first bean to bar chocolate factory in Sonoma County, specializing in organic dark chocolate bars of many unique flavors, and also ceremonial drinking cacao. We're independently owned and wholly supported by our fans as we continue deepening our craft.

We're most excited about chocolate as a medicinal superfood ... the experience of cacao extends far beyond the lingering flavor, as one of nature's most pharmacologically complex foods it has profound impacts on our neurochemistry. 

The fact that we make it bean to bar matters to your health profoundly because it is the only type of chocolate on the market freshly made from whole cacao beans, retaining the natural fat (cacao butter) which is the best carrier for the medicinal properties of cacao. By contrast, many companies don't start from scratch and make their bars with cacao powder or reconstituted cacao mass that has been heavily processed and uses inferior fats in place of cacao butter. It's an easy choice ... stick with whole food chocolate for health.

Jonas KetterleFounder and Chocolate Maker

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